You can read here how we can use and protect your personal and credit card information.


The information that Planet Conservation Travel collects is the following: full name, phone number, email, address and financial information like credit card number, cardholder name, security code and other information required to complete and manage the reservations you do.


The personal information that Planet Conservation Travel collects is only used for the purposes defined in the present policy, the information can be collected in two ways:

  • Through the website, when you introduce your information via the online services in
  • Through one of our reservation representatives, via phone or email.


Your personal information will be collected for the following purposes:

  • Processing, tracing, updating, modification, cancelation and confirmation of the reserved services with Planet Conservation.

In a secondary way, we will use your personal information for the following purposes that are not necessary for the service requested, this information will help us to improve the service:

  • Evaluate the quality of service, make surveys about habits and travel preferences, participate in contests and sweepstakes, loyalty programs, promotions, offers, other services and publicity purposes (Exclusively for

If you don´t want us to use your personal information for additional purposes you can write a note through the contact form on the site.


Your personal information will be transferred and shared to:

  • Control entities, subsidiaries, affiliates under common control of Planet Conservation Travel, parent companies or other entities of the same group of Planet Conservation Travel that operate using the same processes and internal policies.
  • When the transfer is necessary by virtue of a past or current contract that concerns you.
  • When the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a juridical relation between the responsible and the titular such as providers, touristic service providers, banks and credit entities.

The third parties to which your personal information is transferred have the obligation to respect the present policies and have to use the corresponding security and confidentiality measures.

We are compromised to not transfer your personal information to third parties without your permission. All your information is stored under strict confidentiality to prevent the undue divulgation.


This site uses a SSL certificate to protect the data that your browser sends to our servers and the communication with the databases. The operations involving your credit card are encrypted to provide security and privacy in all transactions.

Our company is compromised with your tranquility; we have implemented strict norms and procedures to guarantee the security of your operations online, for that reason, we want to share with you some recommendations to improve your security when you shop online:

  • Memorize your credit card number and security code, don’t write this information in a paper and don’t share it with untrusted persons.
  • Don’t let untrusted persons observe the screen when you’re introducing the information of your credit card.
  • Don’t let your computer alone in public places, like internet cafes or public computers when you’re visiting this site, anybody can use the computer and steal your personal information or the credit card data.
  • Contact us immediately if you suspect that somebody stole your information or if you detect an anomaly in your reservation.

This site has links to other sites without a direct relationship with Planet Conservation and we are not responsible of the privacy and security management of such sites, proceed with caution.



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Planet Conservation Travel can do modifications or updates to the present policies.

All the changes and updates takes effect when they are published on the website, in its affiliated sites or any media that we use to publish, we recommend its continuous review.


Planet Conservation Travel suggests you to read the present security and privacy policy, if you provide your personal information we assume that you’re accepting the terms of the policy.

If you have a question about this security policy or any content showed in this site, please Contact Us.